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IGCSE Examinations Update

IGCSE Examinations UpdateFriday 27 March 2020Dear Students and Parents,I hope this email finds you well. Please find attached an official communication from Cambridge to all students who intended to sit for their IGCSE exams this session. As a College, we are duly following the instructions provided by Cambridge to ensure our students receive a fair and recognised assessment

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Year 10 Chemistry - Electrolysis

Year 10 Chemistry – ElectrolysisFriday 6 March 2020In the last two weeks Year 10 Chemistry students have been learning about Electrolysis. The group learnt how this is used: to split up water molecules, in the extraction of certain metals and in obtaining useful products from the electrolysis of sea water. Experiments were carried out to

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A Different Approach to Upcoming Exams

A different Approach to Upcoming ExamsFriday 6 March 2020This week our geography option students took a very different approach to revising for their upcoming MATSEC and IGCSE exams. Rather than working out past papers and revision questions, the class was divided into groups and each group was asked to explain the primary or secondary hazards

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Dissecting a Heart

Dissecting a HeartFriday 6 March 2020The dissection of the heart is an observational experiment which is very popular with biology students. This week it was the year ten’s turn to carry out such experiment. Students got the opportunity to put theory into practice by observing, feeling and touching a pig’s heart. This allowed them to