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Year 6Y Factor Pairs

In year 6 we are revising factor pairs whilst exploring the artwork of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist born in 1872 and died in 1944.   He coined the term neoplasticism for this style. Mondrian had a long artistic career which essentially began with his works in Luminism, after which he experimented in Cubism, before finally moving to neoplasticism and entering

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Year 6

The Resurrection – Easter Story The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope that when we die, God will raise us up to new life. We believe we will live forever with Jesus in the Kingdom of heaven.   We believe the Risen Jesus is always close to us. His Spirit is alive within us and

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Year 3Y

We are using breakout rooms wherein the boys are virtually split into small groups so they can discuss and enjoy working together. Then we all meet in the main room to give feedback about the work carried out.

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Young Chefs Financial Literacy Challenge.

Take care of yourself, take care of your money! Earlier this month boys in year 4,5 and 6 were invited to take part in the Financial Literacy Challenge 2021 – Young Chef Challenge as part of the European Money Week and Global Money Week. The aim of the challenge was to promote awareness pertaining to

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Year 5

Death masks made from clay in year 5 History.

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Year 4 Competition Winner

Congratulations to our Year4Z student, who has won the January competition in the educational magazine, Saghtar. Andreas Bray, has been subscribing to Saghtar magazine on a monthly basis. Apart from reading the interesting articles within, he loves taking part in the embedded competitions. Andreas loves Saghtar, especially when it comes to the short stories and

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Year 4Y

Welcome back to the 4Y classroom, we have been very busy having lots of fun😊. “Learning should always be fun. You should be having a ball. It’s amazing how much you remember when it is fun” Dan Grable Since the last 4Y gazette article we have put our brains into Ancient Greek Architect mode and