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Back to School: Early Years

It was such a joy to see all the smiling faces walking back into college this week. Our youngest students were truly eager to see their friends and teachers once again. They quickly fell back into routine and participated in outdoor and in class activities. Their cheers and laughter could be heard from afar as

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Fine Motor Skills

Emphasis is placed on the development of fine motor skills throughout our KG year groups. The teachers plan for a number of hands-on learning activities which target the development of their pupil’s tiny hands and fingers. The ultimate aim is to develop the muscles to be able to function in a coordinated and controlled method.

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KG2Y Leaf Printing

This week, KG2Y boys carried on with their ‘Planting’ topic as they ventured outdoors to look at the different leaves around College. They then collected some to further examine them and compare their similarities and differences. This led to a leaf printing activity whereby they each had a chance to print the leaves and their

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Year 1Y Show and Tell

During their carnival celebrations, Year 1Y enjoyed a Maltese story telling session in class. All precautions were taken and the boys enjoyed learning new vocabulary to describe their favourite toy brought in. Moreover they enjoyed hearing each other and finding common and different features in their toy. Such activities also enhance the student’s confidence and

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KG1W Sowing and Scavenger Hunt

As part of their current topic ‘Lifecycles’, KG1W students engaged in a sunflower-sowing activity. Each student planted his/her own seeds and will now nurture it to grow. Following this, the students ventured outdoors for a scavenger hunt. Equipped with labelled pictures they walked along the paths, ready to spot their desired items. Such moments are