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Year 1X Reading Progress Online (video)

Year 1X Reading Progress OnlineThursday 18 June 2020Year 1X reading progress online. Practice makes perfect ❀️ so proud of our boys for keeping up with their reading throughout each week. 

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Our Year 1 Readers Still Shining Online (video)

Year 1 Readers Shine OnlineFriday 12 June 2020Our Year 1 readers are still shining online and still honing their love for books. Our reading clubs are still going on strong and training them to think through stories.

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Year 1 online reading with Ms Muscat (video)

Year 1 online reading with Ms MuscatMonday 11 May 2020Listen to George and Oscar πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ«Year 1 online reading group sessions taking place β€’ reading progress β€’ determination and delivery 

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Early Years long distance learning

Early Years Long Distance LearningTuesday 4 May 2020Early Years long distance learning. We are all in this together. Development still going strong. Think outside the box. Motor skills. Online learning. College misses you