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TEFL Zoom lessons for Year 8s

TEFL Zoom lessons for Year 8sWednesday 1 April 2020ZOOM lesson with TEFL Year 8s – Chinese students. All 9 students were present. Ms Zaneta used the option of screen sharing, so they could see everything on her desktop and her power point presentation in particular.  

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Year 7X Registration Blog

Year 7X Registration BlogThursday 26 March 2020Ms Rebecca Galea, the class tutor of Year 7X has created a registration blog for boys to check-in and be present for registration in the morning. The aim of registration in the morning to not only to register if the boys are present or absent but to also allow them

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Year 8 House Tutors Blog

Year 8 House Tutor BlogMonday 23 March 2020Year 8 House Tutor BlogThis morning Ms. Malani and Ms Abela, our Year 8 house tutors launched a blog for their students. They are their House Tutors and every morning they are used to seeing the boys and briefing them for the day. The main aim is to

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Foresta 2000

Foresta 2000Friday 6 March 2020Foresta 2000 in Mellieha offered a great opportunity for biology students in year 9 to observe and put into practice theories learnt in class. Students were guided by a very knowledgeable teacher from Bird life who helped students in understanding acts of nature and thus appreciate more its wonders. Students were

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Sailing Success

Sailing SuccessFriday 28 February 2020Last weekend two of our students, Benjamin Vassallo in Year 8 and Timmy Vassallo in Year 6 took part in the sailing race Bper Banca Crotone International Carnival Race. The race took place over 4 days where Benjamin placed 16th overall (of 211 sailors) and 1st Maltese entry and Timmy placed 29th

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Extra Lessons of English as a foreign language

Extra Lessons of English as a foreign languageFriday 28 February 2020A group of six keen and ambitious Chinese students still haven’t had enough of studying English on a daily basis. They are so motivated and eager to improve their skills that they joined extra English classes which are held every Wednesday after school. However, improving communication