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Headmasters Message 15

Good afternoon all, Well today the sun is shining, it promises to be a lovely weekend, vaccines are being delivered, the number of COVID cases is going in the right direction and our examinations/tests are over for many today or close to finishing. As I have pointed out previously, we are all, almost on a

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Student Council

Last week, our Year 7 to Year 13s took part in virtual elections and elected the members for the Student Council 2021. The elected members than had an internal election on Monday. The final council is composed of:   President – Ines Montes Cubria (Yr 12) Vice-President – Kosei Shirai (Yr 12) Secretary – Jia

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As you are aware, the SEC Eko-Skola are working on the project ‘Compost It’ You can follow their updates on their FB page – Last week, the students had a virtual meeting with Friends of the Earth Malta, in which they discussed possible virtual workshops about Composting for students in the Junior-Middle School classes. New

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Young Parliamentarians

This year SEC has re-registered its interest with Agenzija Zghazagh for the Young Parliamentarians programme. Last year it was a huge success with our students and this year we have a nice  group again. The members are: Miguel Aquilina, Paul Bezzina and Luke Grech from Year 9 and Kurt John Grech, Enrique Ellul, Timothy Desira

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Learning all about the Number 10

KG2z have been engaging in a number of hands-on activities to solidify their understanding of number 10. They individually wrote the number in coffee beans and discussed the sensory element involving the texture and smell. They then also held an experiment for the ‘0’ formation involving skittles. Here they class discussed the process that took

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Year 2X Maltese Board Game 

During a Maltese lesson, the Year 2X boys engaged in an online board game last week to further learn about colours using Maltese vocabulary. The boys worked as a group to answer a variety of questions in order to get to the finishing line. It was great fun and the boys enjoyed collaborating to achieve

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Year 5Y

Revision period is not normally the most exciting of times for most students; it is even more challenging now that students are scattered between homes and class.  In Year 5y the boys had an exciting time revising Geography and Science through the use of a web tool called Kahoot. kahoot revision.pdf        

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Headmasters Message 14

Good Afternoon All, Remember the words and phrases that we used so often in the past, ‘Usually’ ‘Normally’. ‘In the past’. ‘What we did last year was…’ ‘It is customary’, ‘traditionally’, ‘In the old days … ‘ these are all relegated, NOW, to the past. All of us have been dealing with the ‘new normal’,

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Year 1 Online Parent Workshop

Last week the Year 1 teaching team held an online meeting with parents to explain the Maths Abacus online programme. The Year 1 boys have been using this tool in class and will now start being assigned online tasks and games for home. Each game and/or task assigned will correspond to the pupils’ numeracy concept