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KG2 Fine Motor Skills Development

KG2 Fine Motor Skills Development Tuesday 10 November 2020KG2 Fine Motor Skills Development  KG2Y and KG2W students continued to develop their fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination through a variety of skills this week. They engaged in a number of tabletop activities which boost the children’s cooperation skills and turn taking abilities. In addition,

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KG2X - People Who Help Us Topic

KG2X – People Who Help Us TopicWednesday 11 November 2020KG2X – People Who Help Us Topic  KG2X had a busy fun week exploring their current topic People who help us. They created their own creative tool belt as they learnt all about handymen and their jobs. They increased their vocabulary skills as they learnt all about

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Headmaster's Message #6 2020/21

Headmaster’s Message #6 2020/21Friday 13 November 2020Dear Community Members, “In the past what we have traditionally done is …” or “Last year we did…”.How often do we use these sentences these days? Under the current circumstances all activities and events are a ‘first’ for all of us this year. As I have often said to students

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Year 3Y White Flower Science Experiment

Year 3Y White Flower Science ExperimentWednesday 4 November 2020Students in Year 3Y with Ms Margaret Bartolo this week carried out an interesting experiment involving white flowers and different coloured dyes.They poured blue, green and red food colouring respectively into the 3 jars and after a couple of hours the white petals started changing colour.This experiment

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English Language has become a 'Thrill' for Students to Follow (video)

English Language has become a ‘Thrill’ for Students to Follow (video)Thursday 29 October 2020In this English Language lesson, Ms Anabel Laus’s Year 7 students reviewed Halloween-themed vocabulary from the song lyrics of ‘Thriller’, they practised using the present & past simple tenses in context, & they listened to the song for detail. Then, they sang

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Healthy Living Topic in KG1 & KG2

Healthy Living Topic in KG1 & KG2Thursday 5 November 2020Healthy Living Topic Both our KG1 and KG2 classes are currently learning about living healthily. This topic teaches the children all about sensible food choices, the importance of drinking lots of water as well as exercise. The classes also tackle the importance of keeping clean which includes

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Discovering Picasso

Discovering PicassoWednesday 28 October 2020Discovering PicassoFor the past 2 weeks the Year 8s have worked on discovering Picasso. The learnt about the artist’s life, about his art evolution and Cubism. They created their own Cubist Portrait interpretation and this week Picasso met Frankenstein in a spooky artistic twist too.

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Headmaster's Message #4 20/21

Headmaster’s Message #4 20/21Friday 30 October 2020Dear Community MembersI want to congratulate guardians/parents, students and all staff on reaching Mid-Term without any case of COVID. We are one of only two independent schools to reach this milestone. The other being Thi Lakin in Attard.To get to this point we have had luck, but we must also

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Learning Poetry Through Melody & Tune in Year 3 (video)

Learning Poetry Through Melody and Tune in Year 3 (video)Thursday 29 October 2020In Year 3 one of our talented LSEs, Mr Graham McLeod, helped Ms Attard explain to her students the very close link between music and poetry through melody and tune.Thank you for making the lesson that much more interesting