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Solving right angled triangle problems (video)

Solving right angeled triangle problemsThursday 21 May 2020Year 9 students in Mr Watson’s lesson were asked to make a video of how they would solve right angled triangle problems. The problem had to be identified and then solved using the tools they have been learning in class. Simon Grech found how to calculate the angle

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Last week's art topic - French artist Georges Seurat

Last week’s art topic – French artist Georges SeuratTuesday 19 May 2020Ms Lisa’s latest art lesson was inspired by French artist Georges Seurat. 🎨Georges Seurat’s paintings were seriously dotty. He used a style knows as Pointillism in which a picture is created out of many coloured dots. Close up you can see a lot of dots,

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COVID-19 Special Edition by Year 5Y

COVID-19 Special Edition by 5YTuesday 19 May 2020During their Zoom sessions this term, students from Year 5Y with Ms Doriette Rizzo Naudi have explored two genres of writing:Journalistic Report Writing,Persuasive Writing, with particular emphasis on advertising.Students have used their newly acquired skills and produced a ‘Special Edition’ of The St Edward’s Times  A little snippet

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Headmaster's Message #27

Headmaster’s Message #27Saturday 16 May 2020Good Afternoon All,Parent Consultations These have been happening and will continue, in some instances, until this coming Wednesday. We are missing your children, our students. Please have patience and if you need to reschedule a meeting please do so. We have excellent, professional and most important, caring staff, who, some of you

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At The Oscars - Year 5 Spring Concert (video)

At The OScarsFriday 15 May 2020This year the theme for the spring concert was meant to be At The Oscars. We still followed through with this, just with a twist. The song here is called Glory from the film Selma. 

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Why Top Universities Recognise IB Sixth Form Students

Why top universities recognise IB Sixth Form students  Friday 15 May 2020The International Baccalaureate Organisation’s Head of Global Recognition, Paul Teulon, shares insights from his discussions with universities looking to admit IB Sixth Form students and offers his advice for students and parents as they look ahead to university. 

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Edward's Thoughts - A Peculiar Event

Edward’s Thoughts – A Peculiar EventWednesday 13 May 2020So still. So quiet. So lonely.It’s getting much warmer…it must be nearly summer by now. The boys are usually running around chasing each other, water bottles in hand, in the bright sunlight. Hiding round corners, laughing and jumping on one another in the shadows of the old

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Headmaster's Message #26

Headmaster’s Message #26Monday 11 May 2020Good Morning All,Parents Consultations. Reminder.Dates: Between Wednesday 13th May to Wednesday 20th May. At this point Section Heads have been in touch with detail of appointments starting this Wednesday.Please stick to the allotted time that you are given. If you need to discuss further the teacher/Section Head will end the conversation

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Year 1 online reading with Ms Muscat (video)

Year 1 online reading with Ms MuscatMonday 11 May 2020Listen to George and Oscar 👨‍💻👩‍🏫Year 1 online reading group sessions taking place • reading progress • determination and delivery