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ReflectionFriday 3 April 2020Good Afternoon All, Reflection As we break for the Easter I recall past years when there would be a buzz of excitement in the air. ‘No School, for 2 weeks, no pesky teachers – freedom!’ – the cry rang out. Controlling the students as they lined up at the end of the

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The Secret to Change......Building the New

The Secret to Change……Building the NewSaturday 28 March 2020Dear Readers, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – SocratesYou have now read the most important part of this message, no need to read further!It’s all a bit mad, isn’t it!I’d like to

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Headmaster's Weekly Message #22

HM’s Weekly Message #22Friday 6 March 2020Dear Parents and Community members,Bus Lines at Days EndToday we will introduce a couple of slight changes to the manner in which boys board busses. The system was developed by staff with input from the Paramount supervisor, who, by the way, in his experience, says that we are the

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Headmaster's Weekly Message # 21

HM’s Weekly Message#21 Friday 28 February 2020Dear Parents and Community members,Filming crew at St Edward’s College L-Ispettur Bonnici Based on the book written by Mario Philip Azzopardi L-Ispettur Bonnici sees Mario Micallef, in the role of L- Ispettur (Inspector) Bonnici in a drama adapted for TV by PBS. The work was originally presented as a play at

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Headmaster's Weekly Message #19

HM’s Weekly MessageFriday 14 February 2020Dear Parents and Community members,Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!Apart from the chocolates, the roses and the bundles of sparling carbon atoms forged millions of years ago in the earth’s crust, Valentine’s Day highlights and reminds us, that we should not forget the ones we love, the special ones